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Welcome on Lodz Hospice Association website:

Lodz Hospice Association was established in 1992 on the initiative of Prof. Leszek Woźniak former Rector of Medical Academy of Lodz and Head of Oncology Department as the first organization involved in palliative care in Lodz. It aimed at propagating the hospice idea and organizing first units providing aid for patients suffering from incurable diseases. Those were the following units established in 1993: the Stationary Hospice located at the Nursing Home – 22 beds for patients with medical and social recommendations, the pain treatment outpatient clinic at the Regional Oncology Centre, transformed in 1995 into the Palliative Care Centre including the Stationary Department, Palliative Medicine Outpatient Clinic and Home Care Unit.

Association is an non-governmental organization and Public Benefit Organization (National Court Register 0000 137 523). The basic objectives of Lodz Hospice Association are: taking care of incurable patients and their relatives by providing medical, psychological, spiritual, emotional, material and bereavement support, organizing training courses for medical staff, running charity and conducting scientific researches.

Our key goal is to build first stationary hospice in Lodz.
Lodz Hospice Association is a charitable organization and we welcome any financial support.

Our USD bank account:

PL09 1600 1143 0003 0601 9708 0021 SWIFT PPAB PL PK

Our EURO bank account:

PL79 1600 1143 0003 0601 9708 0022 SWIFT PPAB PL PK

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