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International Cooperation

The Association cooperates with palliative medicine centres in Armenia, Bielarus, Lithuania,     Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Owing to this cooperation the following international projects financed under RITA-Region in Transition Programme were carried out by the Polish-American Freedom Foundation and administered by “Education for Democracy Foundation”:

  • “Transfer of Polish Experience in Palliative Medicine to Ukraine”
  • “Developing Competence in Pain Treatment of Medical Teams and Clergymen by Transfer of Polish Experience into Ukraine”,
  • “Human to Human – Building Foundations for Voluntary Work in Ukraine Based on Polish Experience”,
  • “Developing Hospice Medical Teams’ Competence in Psycho-Oncology in Ukraine”
  • “Transfer of the Best Polish Experience in Building Home Hospice to Armenia”

We also carried out two editions of the project “Sharing Experience in Pain Treatment and Palliative Medicine between Poland and Ukraine” financed under the East-East Programme by the Stefan Batory Foundation.

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