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Medical services

In 2004 because of social and medical needs Lodz Hospice Association founded the Health Care Centre consisting of the Home Care Unit and Palliative Medicine Outpatient Clinic and Bereavement Support Team. We take care of 50 patients monthly.

In 2005 we were provided with the registered office by the Lodz city authorities. At that time we informed the authorities of Lodz city and province about the need for building a stationary hospice that could offer all forms of palliative care to citizens suffering from diseases.

What we need most is a big stationary hospice. The concept has already been developed – the hospice will include 2 Palliative Care Departments, each with 20 beds, a small paediatric sub-department, Daytime Care Unit with Rehabilitation Centre, Clinic Unit, the registered office for the Home Hospice and Educational Centre.

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